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Septic Accessories in Derry, NH


Holding Tanks

When you have a need, we have a product. Our 300-gallon polyethylene holding tank, for example, is a great choice in bulk waste tanks. These tanks can go under a trailer or off to the side and can be hooked up easily. They have multiple connecting points for maximum versatility. Two or more tanks can be joined together for more increased waste capacities.


Install a RISER on your tank and never need to dig up your septic tank again. They come 6" and 12" tall, they can be fastened together to make a riser taller. It also comes complete with sturdy riser lid. They are 24" around.
Risers—Holding Tanks in Derry, NH


We can retro-fit a filter in most septic tanks! Why install a filter in your septic tank? It will virtually stop solids from getting through and plugging up your leach field. A small one-time cost to install a filter, that lasts forever will save you thousands later in putting in a new leach field.
Filters—Holding Tanks in Derry, NH

A Typical Septic Tank - How It Should Work

It's a water tight tank, when waste enters it, organic matter floats to the top where bacteria converts it to liquid. Inorganic matter of bacterial digestion sink to the bottom of the tank, making a SLUDGE LAYER. Water entering the tank takes up the space between the floating layer and the sludge layer, this is needed to have a good working septic tank. If your septic is not maintained on a regular basis, usually every two to three years, solids from the sludge layer can go up and out of the outlet pipe into your leach field. This will continue to plug up your leach field and you may have to replace it in the future which is a costly item.
A Typical Septic Tank Drawing—Holding Tanks in Derry, NH